Dr. Guillermo Uscategui

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Dr. Guillermo Uscategui

Medical Esthetician & Plastic Surgeon

A very well known and recognized Medical Esthetician & Plastic Surgeon who resides in Bogotá, Colombia. A country who is leader is Plastic Surgery; about 500,000 thousand cosmetic operations are performed in the country annually—the second-highest number in South America (following Brazil). Dr. Guillermo Uscategui is a famous professional among the Spanish Celebrities because he combines the art of the medical aesthetics with the conventional medicine. He is a person who cares about the spiritual side as well as the physical. Frustrated of trying to find a designer that could translate his message and style in a website, he approached us. The results could not have been better, he is extremely happy and the website is being a success.

Client: Dr. Guillermo Uscategui

Service: Print, E-mail Marketing, Web Design & Development

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