Tony Smothers

A true collaborator, Tony takes a holistic approach to achieving your marketing objectives. His career includes over 20 years in broadcast television sales and business development, often guiding the content and strategy of multi-media campaigns. As a consultant and as a marketing director himself, Tony saw a recurring need for the targeted use of creative and technical skill sets that lead him to meet the Lapiz design team.

Now, he works alongside with Lapiz to provide clients with not only a complete solution for their marketing and creative needs, but the best customer service and experience. He is a warm-hearted, popular, and conscientious individual with a strong sense of responsibility and duty, who will make sure your needs are understand from the beginning and carried out though the completion of the project. He is always available and willing to listen and to find the best possible solution for all your needs, so you will certainly enjoy working with him.


Marketing Director


Music, Playing Drums, Astronomy and Networking