Sergio Velazquez

Sergio is the strategic, logical and intuitive leader and entrepreneur you want around when the pressure is on. He is totally passionated about technology and web; everyday he is researching, reading and learning about the latest techniques, software, gadgets, etc. With his analytical skills and intrinsic understanding of technology, he is always eager towards the big picture and taking risks that help to improve and provide a better future.

His clear vision along with his excellent organization skills have helped shaped Lapiz into a successful and unique website design agency. He is in charge of overall business operations and project management.  With a charming personality and an excellent sense of humor, Sergio enlightens the mood making a tense situation much more enjoyable one, one of the reasons why clients enjoy working with him. He takes and feels each project as his own and gets totally into it; he provides feedback, guidance and is highly organized; he sets specific goals and milestones to keep a project on track. Sergio makes it a point to understand your current project specifications, and suggest all the possible solutions.


Founder/Project Director


Bicycle rides with his doggies, cooking reading, technology

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