Mauricio Mendoza

From very early on, Mauricio Mendoza has been drawn to the arts and his natural abilities are very clear. If it isn’t in the art of cooking, he is always drawing, sketching, painting or creating things out of arts and crafts. He is an avid dreamer, risk taker and visionaire who puts his soul and his skills into every project he takes motivating the team to enjoy design and reinvent ourselves. Alongside to his graphic design career he has been a fashion model, a career that has contributed to enhance his art direction and production skills. A good looking and outgoing individual that will captivate you not for the outside but for his intelligence, passion, kindness and humility.

From planning to wardrobe selection, stage set-up, photo shooting,  graphic design and final production he has being the author of two magazines, U&Me (parenting) and Revista Yates, and he has helped launch many others. We are very happy to have him as part of the team and count with his vast experience and ‘out of this world’ skills.


Art Director/ Graphic Designer


Arts, Crafting, Beach Volleyball, Working Out and Dogs

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